Hydroelectric plants: an inexhaustible source of energy from water

We design non-invasive hydroelectric plants to produce renewable energy at low cost

Gamma Energia design and build of non-invasive mini-hydroelectric plants. We take care to the productivity of the plant and its environmental impact. For this reason we try to minimize the environmental impact, using existing pipelines,  sewage discharges or restructuring existing derivations.

Gamma Energia also offers advice on existing hydroelectric plants and also performs revamping operations, restructuring obsolete and poorly performing facilities.

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Design and installation phases

Gamma Energia offers to its customers a high level engineering office, specialized in the design of plants producing electricity from renewable sources.

Gamma Energia owns its own hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants.

The Gamma Energia technicians, once the customers have approved the project, scrupulously check the whole authorization process, including the procedures for the connection of the plants on the national electricity grid.

As for the construction of the plant, we use all the best products on the market to obtain high performance hydroelectric plants, in order  to guarantee to the customer a constant and ecological energy supply.

Our  hydroelectric plants are tested before start up. Once the testing phase is over, the system is started and brought to full capacity.

Gamma Energia technicians are available for customers to verify any type of problem or malfunction, with fast answer  and ensuring continuity of working.


The first form of primary energy, since ancient times, still used today

Hydroelectric plants are a precious resource in every country. As solar systems, it is used an  infinite , free and clean resource

The hydroelectric plants are zero emissions, do not pollute and above all do not change the state of the water. Last but not least, they are probably the cheapest way to produce energy.

Private and small industries can also build micro-hydroelectric plants: the operating principle is the same of the larger plants, applied to small watercourses. Thanks to state funding and incentives related to the production of clean energy, the cost of this type of plant can be amortized in less than ten years.


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