Photovoltaic systems for companies and private home

Gamma Energia has built more than 120 plants from 4 up to 1200 kW with 8 MW installed power

Our issue is to minimize the cost of the energy bill.

For this reason, after a careful analysis of consumption, the system is designed with particular attention to the investment pay-back.

The systems are monitored by  remote with supervisory systems installed at the customer’s site in order to absure planned productivity and productivity.

Gamma Energia offers tailored projects to any type of customer, starting from private homes up to ng large companies and public organizations.

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Design and installation phases

All  photovoltaic systems built by Gamma Energia are the result of careful planning based on a ten-year path of continuous development.

Our team will offer you a feasibility study and a clear business plan before starting the design operations. Afterwards you will be able to view the personalized preliminary and executive design program designed specifically for your coverage.

The yield of a photovoltaic system  depends on the quality of the materials. We at Gamma Energia work only with first choice products, to guarantee to our customer  the best performance.

The photovoltaic system that we offer you is “turnkey.” You do not have to deal with producing documentation or asking for authorization in institutional locations: we think about everything, including the management of requests for the connection of the plant with the net grid.

The yard, installation and direction of works will be careful planned and executed Before the start up of the system, we  a careful period of testing is foreseen, which certifies the good operation.

For any following problems, our after- sales service will be at your disposal.

The benefit of installing a photovoltaic system

The average payback time of the investment is about 5 years with the advantage of a plant working life of about 25 years

The first question of our customers concerns the economic convenience of our plants

The convenience in installing a photovoltaic system is real from both an economic and environmental point of view..

The start investment is normally recovered over 5 years, depending on the exposure of your coverage. Moreover, using the storage you can get the zero cost for the energy bill.


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