We transform biomass into clean energy

We design solutions capable of enhancing native plant biomass, agro-industrial processes or dedicated crops

The biomass plant produce electricity from vegetal inputs, that is, all  waste considered “natural”.

The biomasses can come from wood and scraps of agricultural activity, Gamma Energia offers its customers a feasibility study for the construction of this type of plant, considered an excellent solution for the production of energy from renewable sources and capable of producing biogas.

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Design and installation phases

Gamma Energia guarantees to customers a careful feasibility study, able to configure the plant in the territory and to evaluate its development related to mass balances.

Before the definitive planning, it will be produced a business with a technical and economic evaluation of the investment.

Gamma Energia, after a careful economic evaluation of the project, will design all the necessary documentation for environmental authorizations and managing the approval process in all the institutional locations.

Our technicians will carefully follow the whole design phase of the plant, obtaining the IAFR (Plant Powered by Renewable Sources) qualification.

The Biomass power plant designed and built by Gamma Energia will undergo a scrupulous period of commissioning and testing, to offer customers the certainty of a perfectly functioning system.


A source of alternative energy that better the agricultural cycle

Biomass plants are generating mixed opinion, although it is expected that by 2020 10% of the Italian “clean” energy will come from this type of plant.
These plants have several advantages, first of all the using of only waste of natural origin, improving waste management and not increasing the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.


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